When you find yourself in trouble with the law, who can you turn to? While your first phone call will probably be to a family member or trusted friend, there’s someone else you need to talk to as quickly as possible: a criminal lawyer. As with many other types of lawyers, criminal law attorneys have a specific set of skills they use to help people who have been charged with crimes. Here’s a brief overview of what criminal lawyers do from the Law Office of Leah B. Moody.

  • Provides legal aid to suspects – Once hired, a criminal attorney will be present during any police interrogations or other questioning. They will also provide pre-trial legal assistance for their client and will earnestly defend their client if the case goes to trial.
  • Discusses plea prospects – Criminal lawyers will discuss plea negotiations with prosecutors. Options may include dropping the charges or reducing the sentence.
  • Conducts extensive research – A criminal attorney and his or her staff will delve into the facts of the case. This includes reviewing evidence and laws that pertain to the case.
  • Interviews witnesses – Your attorney will also meet with witnesses and get a more detailed account of what they saw.
  • Files for appeals or retrials – If you’re found guilty, your lawyer can file for an appeal or a retrial on your behalf.

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